Members, Directors and Officers

Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust has three Members and a Board of Directors. There is also a local Board of Governors for Castle Park School.

Name of MemberDate Appointed
Sally Parnaby9 February 2016
Julian Rayner9 February 2016
Austen Robinson9 February 2016
Name of DirectorDate Appointed
Mark Deverill (Chair)9 February 2016
Robert Fenton9 February 2016
Wendy Gibson9 February 2016
Helen Richardson9 February 2016
Alan Robinson9 February 2016
Helen Smith15 December 2016
Neil Stoker9 February 2016
PostName of Officer
Chief Executive OfficerHelen Richardson
Accounting OfficerHelen Richardson
Chief Financial OfficerMark Wight
Company SecretaryMark Wight

Further information about the Board of Governors at Castle Park School can be found on the Castle Park School website under the Governance section in School Information.