Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust

Castle Park School converted to an academy on 1 April 2016. It is currently the only school in the Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust (KPMAT).

An academy is an independent state school that is run as a charitable trust through a local Governing Body. It is funded directly by the Government and is no longer run by Cumbria County Council.

An academy has more freedom to make decisions about how to provide the best education for its pupils than a maintained school in relation to both the curriculum and financial matters.

Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is registered in England and Wales under the Company Number 9996478.

Further information about the Trust can be found on the Companies House website, on this website or by contacting the Company Secretary.

The operation of the Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust (KPMAT) is governed by its Memorandum of Association and its Funding Agreements with the Department for Education.

Kendal Primary Multi Academy Trust has three Members and a Board of Directors. There is also a local Board of Governors for Castle Park School.

Further information about the Board of Governors at Castle Park School can be found on the Castle Park School website under the Governance section.

KPMAT Members

MembersDate of AppointmentRelevant Business & Pecuniary Interests
Mr Austen RobinsonFebruary 2016None Declared
Mr Julian RaynerFebruary 2016Company Director- Lakeland Ltd
Mrs Sally ParnabyFebruary 2016None Declared

KPMAT Directors

DirectorsTerm of OfficeDate of
Appointed byRelevant Business
& Pecuniary
Meeting Attendance 2018-19Meeting Attendance 2019-2020Meeting Attendance 2020-2021Meeting Attendance 2021 - 2022
Mr Mark Deverill
4 yearsMembersArchitect0/01/12/31/1
Mrs Helen RichardsonAd
Mr Alan Robinson4 yearsMembersNone declared0/01/12/31/1
Mrs Wendy Gibson4 yearsMembersNone declared0/01/12/31/1
Mr Neil Stoker4 yearsMembersDeputy Headteacher0/01/12/31/1
Mr Rob Fenton4 yearsMembersNone declared0/01/12/3 1/1
Mrs Helen Smith4 yearsJuly 2020MembersNone declared0/01/1--

This page contains copies of the Trust’s Annual Report and Accounts for the previous financial year. The Trust’s financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August and the previous year’s accounts will be published on this website shortly after 31 January each year.

Download the PDF for the KPMAT Annual report below:

The Trust’s Annual Report and Accounts are audited by Stables Thompson and Briscoe of Lowther House, Lowther Street, Kendall, Cumbria LA9 4DX.