Governor’s Information

We are representatives from the community, parents, members of the teaching team and the Headteacher and we meet every half term.

The Governing Body take an active interest in the life of the school and individual Governors take responsibility for specific areas of the School Improvement Plan. The three committees “Curriculum & Behaviour” and “Finance, Staffing & Pay” and ‘Premises, Health & Safety”, meet regularly, on behalf of the Governing Body, to look at key areas of the Plan in further detail.

The Role of the Governing Body

School Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in all schools. Governors appoint the Headteacher and are involved in the appointment of other staff. It is the governors who hold the main responsibility for financial management of the school’s budget and they work with the Headteacher to make decisions about the provision of resources within the constraints of the finances available.

Each individual Governor is a member of the Governing Body, which is established in law as a corporate body. Individual Governors may not act independently of the rest of the Governing Body. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the Governing Body.

The role of the Governing Body is to:

  • Set the aims and objectives for the school;
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives;
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives;
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards the achievement of its aims and objectives;
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher

The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the Governing Body.

The Governors aim to conduct themselves and work with the school in accordance with the National Governors’ Association code of conduct. Please click here for further information.

What do the Governing Body do?

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets every half term and is fully minuted by a dedicated Clerk to the Governors. Minutes can be requested through the school office. The agenda for a Full Governing Body meeting will include review of the school development plan, a Headteacher's report - with particular regard to pupil progress, an update on other priority areas and reports from the chairs of our committees.

The agenda for a Full Governing Body meeting includes the following:

  • A review of the School Improvement Plan;
  • A Headteacher's Report - with particular regard to pupil progress;
  • An update on other priority areas;
  • Reports from the Chairperson of each committee.

At Castle Park we have three committees which have authority to agree and monitor policies and key actions on behalf of the Full Governing Body. The committees meet at least once a term. Currently our committees are:

  • Curriculum & Behaviour - This committee is focused on the attainment and progress of all the children in the school, the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning. This sub-committee is responsible for setting and evaluating the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural expectations of the school. Safeguarding and behaviour of pupils across the school are also reviewed at these meetings.
  • Finance, Staffing & Pay - This committee sets and monitors the school’s budget with the School Business Manager, School Bursar and Headteacher. The budget must be approved by the Full Governing Body each year. The use of the Pupil Premium Grant is closely monitored and this committee also reviews all staffing and pay matters.
  • Premises, Health & Safety - This committee is responsible for the fabric of the school and all Health and Safety issues. The School Business Manager attends these meetings along with school’s Site Manager. Regular safety inspections and fire drills are performed and monitored by this committee.

All our Governors visit the school to monitor a specific key strategic priority or area of development being undertaken by the school. Alternatively, a Governor may monitor an aspect of the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our pupils. These visits are structured and conducted in partnership with the Headteacher and the staff.

Who's who on the Governing Body

Welcome to the Governor's who's who section of our website. Here, you will find information regarding our Governors, their appointment and committee membership. Also contained in this information is the Register of Interests.

Full Governing Body

Full Governing BodyDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeDate of ResignationAppointmentRelevant Business or
Pecuniary Interests
Mr Austen Robinson1st April 2016OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Josie Bousfield1st April 2016OngoingDecember 2018Parent GovernorKirkbie Kendal Employee
Mrs Natalie GrahamHope
(Chair of FSP)
1st April 2016OngoingJune 2018Co-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Joanne Taylor1st April 2016OngoingJuly 2016Co-opted GovernorCCC Employee
Mr Rob Fenton1st April 2016OngoingParent GovernorNone declared
Mr Mark Deverill (Chair
of Trustees & Premises)
1st April 2016OngoingJuly 2019Co-opted GovernorArchitect
Mrs Wendy Gibson
(Chair of Governors)
1st April 2016OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Rebecca Brook1st April 2016OngoingJuly 2016Parent GovernorNone declared
Mrs Sarah Felstead
(Chair of C & B)
(Resigned Jan 2018)
1st April 2016OngoingDecember 2017Parent GovernorNone declared
Mr Alan Robinson1st April 2016OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Shirley Evans1st April 2016OngoingJuly 2019Co-opted GovernorCumbria County
Mrs Helen Richardson 1st April 2016Headteacher-ex officioHeadteacher
Mr Neil Stoker1st April 2016OngoingStaff GovernorDeputy Headteacher
Miss Leanne Shaw1st April 2016OngoingCo-opted GovernorClass teacher
Mr Jonny GiosJuly 2015OngoingJan 2016Co-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Helen SmithJuly 2016OngoingJuly 2020Co-opted GovernorNone declared
Mr Colin FisherJuly 2016OngoingJuly 2020Parent GovernorNone declared
Mrs Stacey ManclarkSeptember 2017Clerk to Governors
Mrs Fiona BarrettApril 2009December 2017Clerk to Governors
Mrs Helen AinsworthDecember 2018OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mr Richard HusseyDecember 2018OngoingMay 2020None declared
December 2018OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mrs Nicola KitchenDecember 2018OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared
Mr Stuart CrookNovember 2020OngoingCo-opted Governor
Mr Andrew ShannonNovember 2020OngoingCo-opted Governor
Mr Tom PatesonDecember 2018OngoingCo-opted GovernorNone declared

Full Governing Body Attendance

 Attendance for 2017-18Attendance for 2018-19Attendance for 2019-2020Attendance for 2020-2021
Mrs Josie Bousfield3/61/1 - resigned Dec '18--
Mrs Natalie Graham-Hope6/6 - Resigned July 2018---
Mrs Wendy Gibson6/66/6Chair
Mrs Sarah Felstead1/2 (Resigned Dec 2017)---
Mrs Shirley Evans6/63/6--
Mrs Helen Richardson6/65/68/84/6
Mr Neil Stoker6/65/68/84/6
Miss Leanne Shaw6/66/68/84/6
Mr Colin Fisher6/65/67/8 Resigned-
Mr Mark Deverill6/65/6- Resigned as governor-
Mr Alan Robinson3/64/66/83/6
Mr Rob Fenton6/64/66/84/6
Mrs Helen Smith3/66/65/8 Resigned-
Mr Austen Robinson5/64/65/82/6
Mrs Helen Ainsworth-4/57/84/6
Mr Richard Hussey-4/54/5 Resigned
Mrs Nicola Kitchen-5/55/82/6
Mr Andrew Shannon---3/5
Mr Stuart Crook3/5
Mr Tom Pateson-4/56/84/6

Curriculum & Behaviour Committee

 Attendance for 2017-18Attendance for 2018-19Attendance for 2019-2020Attendance for 2020-2021
Mrs Josie Bousfield4/51/1 resigned Dec '18--
Mrs Wendy Gibson5/54/5Chair
Chair 2/3
Mrs Sarah Felstead
(Resigned Jan 2018)
Mrs Shirley Evans4/54/5--
Mrs Helen Richardson5/55/53/32/3
Mr Neil Stoker5/55/53/32/3
Miss Leanne Shaw5/54/53/32/3
Mr Austen Robinson-5/5--
Mrs Helen Smith-4/5--
Mrs N. Kitchen-3/41/32/3
Mr Colin Fisher5/53/52/3-
Mr Stuart Crook---1/2

Finance, Staffing & Pay Committee

 Attendance for 2017-18Attendance for 2018-19Attendance for 2019-2020Attendance for 2020-2021
Mrs Helen Richardson7/75/54/42/4
Mr Neil Stoker7/75/53/42/4
Mr Austen Robinson6/72/54/42/4
Mr Alan Robinson7/74/5Chair
Chair 2/4
Mrs Natalie Graham-Hope5/7Resigned July 2018--
Mr Mark Deverill-4/5--
Mr R. Hussey-2/32/4-
Mrs Helen Smith7/74/53/4-
Mrs Wendy Gibson---2/4

Premises, Health & Safety Committee

 Attendance for 2017-18Attendance for 2018-19Attendance for 2019-2020Attendance for 2020-2021
Mrs Helen Richardson3/46/62/22/4
Mr Mark Deverill4/46/6--
Mr Rob Fenton4/46/6Chair
Mrs Shirley Evans1/4---
Mr Austen Robinson-5/62/22/4
Mrs Helen Ainsworth-5/52/22/4
Mr T. Pateson-4/52/22/4
Mrs Natalie Graham-Hope----
Mr Andrew Shannon---2/4

Register of Interests

Full Governing BodyBusiness/Pecuniary
Other governor RulesRelationship between
Mr Austen RobinsonNoneNoneNone
Mrs Josie Bousfield
(resigned Dec '18)
Mrs Natalie Graham-Hope (res July 2018)NoneNoneNone
Mrs Joanne Taylor (res)NoneNoneNone
Mr Rob FentonNoneNoneNone
Mr Mark DeverillArchitectNoneNone
Mrs Wendy GibsonNoneGovernor at QKSNone
Mrs Rebecca Brook (res)NoneNoneNone
Mrs Sarah Felstead
(resigned Jan 2018)
Husband CatererWindermere
Lakes Cruises
Mr Alan RobinsonNoneNoneNone
Mrs Shirley EvansB & B Owner, Wainwright
House, Kendal
Mr Jonny Gios (resigned)NoneNoneNone
Mr Colin FisherNoneNoneNone
Mrs Helen SmithNoneNoneNone
Mrs Helen RichardsonNoneNoneHeadteacher
Mr Neil StokerNoneNoneColleagues
Miss Leanne ShawNoneNoneColleagues
Mrs Helen AinsworthNoneNoneNone
Mr Richard HusseyNoneNoneHusband of School Business Manager
Mrs Nicola KitchenNoneNoneNone
Mr Tom PatesonNoneNoneNone
Mr Andrew ShannonNone
Mr Stuart CrookNone