Extra Curricular Clubs

Over the year, we offer a range of clubs for KS1 children. For example, the children have enjoyed taking part in the following clubs::

• Art and Craft Club. This club will give the children an opportunity to create pieces of artwork using a range of materials.

• Ipad Club. The children have the opportunity to use a variety of fun and educational apps on the school ipads.

• Book Club. This will be held in the KS1 library. In addition to having time to read books of their own choice, the children will be exploring fiction, non-fiction, poems and playscripts.

• Wellness Colouring and Word Puzzles Club. The children will have the chance to develop their colouring skills and enjoy word puzzles in a calm and relaxing environment.

• Running Club. This club is ideal for children with lots of energy who enjoy exercise. The children will use our school grounds, including the Trim Track, to improve their fitness and stamina. Outdoor trainers will be needed for this activity.

• Lego and Construction Club. The children will have a chance to use their imagination and creativity to build structures using lego, mobilo and duplo.

• Multi Sports Club. This club will give the children an opportunity to take part in a range of activities (in the school hall) to keep fit and have fun!

At 4 o’clock, the children can be collected from the usual collection area in the Key Stage One playground.