Covid-19 Updates

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Public Health England Letters and Guidance

Class Route Map Letters

Letters from Mrs Richardson from Sept 2020

Castle Park School Journals

Letters from Mrs Richardson
Here are the letters from Mrs Richardson, containing updates on the current situation.

School Work Packs
Every family will have received a schoolwork pack for the first 4 weeks. To access the next set of work, click on the blue button.  If you have difficulty accessing the packs, please contact school via email and we can arrange for the packs to be delivered to you.

Police and Local Authority Advice (published 13/04/20) 
-  Domestic abuse support services
-  Covid-19 emergency support helpline
-  Staying safe if you are offered or need help
-  Are you concerned about a child?
- Cumbria Police Press Release - published 21.5.2020

Health Advice
If your child is unwell, it is likely to be a non-Coronovirus illness, rather than the cornonavirus itself. (published 13.4.2020)
CCC E-Nurse Information Poster (published 7.5.2020)

Online Courses (published 13/04/2020)
· Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
​· Understanding your baby
· Understanding your child
· Understanding your teenager’s brain

Domestic Abuse Support Services (published 13 /04/2020)
How to report abuse, seek help or talk to someone on a help desk.
Telephone numbers for several local/Cumbrian organisations.

Victim Support Safety Plan (published 13/04/2020)
'The Coronavirus pandemic is a worrying time for everyone,
but for those living with domestic abuse it can be a terrifying and potentially dangerous time...'

Isolated People at Home 
'COVID-19 Emergency support Helpline for people at high risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of Covid19 who do not have other support available to get food medicines or other essential supplies...'        
0800 783 1966 or email

Scammers/Fraudsters (published 13/04/2020)
A warning about emails saying they are from official sources which ask for money, personal information or offer medication or health screening.
Additional Poster published 1.5.2020

Mental and Physical Health Resources (published 13/04/2020)
Six pages listing links to some local and many national organisations that can help you, from 'Every Life Matters'.

Key Worker Childcare Application Form (published 20/03/2020)
If you are an essential worker and have no other adult in the household who can provide childcare, complete the information on these forms to apply for a place in the school's childcare provision and send it (or type the same information into an email) to

Childcare for Essential Workers 
This is the information that was sent out the day the schools were closed.
Letter 1: Initial letter from school (17.3.2020)
Letter 2: Updated letter (20.3.2020)
Letter 3: Request for Childcare (23.3.2020)
Letter 4: Cumbria County Council Letter

Public Health England Information

Interactive  Fun
Here is an invitation for you to join an interactive quiz with other local primary schools.

General Help

Financial Help from the Government - Bounce Back Loans

Support offered by the Farmer Network

Additional Support from CCC

South Lakeland Update Published 4.5.2020

South Lakeland Update Published 20.5.2020

CCC Ok2Ask Poster Published 14.5.2020

Citizens Advice Information Published 21.5.2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Guidance - published 22.5.2020

Cumbria Resilience Group Meeting Notes 21.5.2020

Government Update published 20.5.2020

Information for Getting Ready to go back to School